Angie-7650_ppsmallerAngela M Caldwell is an author, photographer, and digital filmmaker. She studied video production and photography at Radford Univeristy then relocated to Los Angeles for an adventure. After seven years of city life, she moved back to Virgina.

Angela loves a good story and she has a broad range of likes when it comes to reading. Just give her characters she can root for and take her on an adventure. Angela’s journey back to the written word is a story of its own with dyslexia keeping her from writing for years.

However, she has always been storyteller at heart. Through the years, she has enjoyed expressing her stories through: photography, painting, music, film-making, and writing.

She lives with her husband and 4 kids, who are her biggest fans. They have one dog, four cats, and chickens. Perhaps one day they will have a farm and her dream of having a horse will be realized. For more information visit http://www.angelamcaldwellwordpress.com

Connect with Angela on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/angelaauthor

Connect with Angela on Twitter: A. Dreamer @AngelaMCaldwell

Connect with Angela on Tumbler: http://www.tumblr.com/blog/maidenink

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