Doors open and close. Sometimes we open and close them and sometimes others do the opening and closing.


Where are you at the beginning of this new year? Are you waiting on a door to open? Are you standing at a door unsure of what do to do? Or have too many doors been slammed in your face and you’ve been questioning if a door will ever open?

If you feel all the doors around you have been slammed in your face remember…


There are doors of wisdom all around you. Places to learn more about your craft. People willing to mentor, and encourage you. Many creative people give up too easily. Don’t be one of them.

It’s 2016 a Year of Open Doors, if you want them.

You must keep moving forward…


Not all doors are helpful. Many forget this important key. Before opening new doors, close doors that are slowing you down you.


Keep fighting for what you love. Don’t let you passion or joy be stolen because others haven’t taken notice yet.

Your efforts will not go unseen. The creative minds that preserver leave marks in this world. Show your best self to the world. There are people on the other side of doors, looking to vet you. They want to let you though.

This year open your own doors and people will notice.

What door are you opening today?

What door are you closing?