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An author friend mentioned that last week’s Top Ten List was a bit depressing, I think it was the gif of Dr. Who in the rain, so for all of you who wanted a more cheery list this post is for you.

5) Bloggers are awesome! Most book bloggers are approachable and they are looking for more books. I recommend checking out what a blogger likes to see if your book is a fit before contacting them. They just might be willing to read and review your book.

4) People will stalk you in a good way. They want to find out about you as an author and person. What’s your favorite film…

3) Local bookstores and business are willing to work with local authors if they have done their part. The Last Order is currently in 2 local area stores with more in the works. Finding my book on the shelf at Barnes and Noble last night was exciting.

2) Audiobooks! The Last Order should be available as an audiobook by the end of May. As a dyslexic author it is super exciting for me to be able to expand my audience in this way.

1) The number one surprising thing is… I still don’t have a maid or a cook. Author moms totally get this. ROTFL