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  1. The pre-orders option is great, but Amazon counts the sale right then in their rankings and not the day of the release. This is a bummer. My pre-order sales showing all on the same day would have boosted my book higher on their best sellers lists.

  1. People don’t write reviews. If every person who pre-ordered only reviewed The Last Order I would be well over my first month’s goal of twenty reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. So if you haven’t left a review. Please leave a brief sentence or two.
Credit: spring.org.uk

Credit: spring.org.uk


  1. Blog tours don’t sell books. Blog tours get your name out and help with exposure, but don’t expect to sell many books if any from a blog tour.

  1. Social Media is exhausting. Keeping up with groups I’m in, chatting with others, keeping people informed about The Last Order, retweeting others *passes out* Even I can’t be this energetic all the time.

  1. Don’t just sell e-books. To make your money back so you can publish more books you need to order paperback copies and sell them. Start with family and friends then move to other venues. (blog post coming soon)


  1. I still don’t know what works for marketing. I’m trying out a press release this week. I’m a little late, but I will tell you how it goes. A press release is one of many ways I am still attempting to get the word out about The Last Order.


  1. Giveaways don’t sell books. I still loved making the bracelets and bracers and I plan on doing more contests for fun and exposure.
Handcrafted Leather Bracers

Handcrafted Leather Bracers

  1. Pirates are real. Yesterday, The Last Order was discovered by a friend on a website for free. After talking to a few other authors it saddened my heart to learn these sites were so numerous is was daunting to some.

  1. It takes more than one month for people to even know you have a book out. Yesterday a follower asked me if I wrote books.

  1. Family and Friends will always be there. Books and other projects will come and go, but supportive family and friends are priceless.



So, if you like medieval things, female knights, fast-passed reads or know someone who does check out The Last Order!