TheLastOrderFinalFrontReadersFav Tomorrow The Last Order will have been out for two weeks. A couple of editorial reviews have came in from Reader’s Choice and the book was awarded a 5 star Readers’ Favorite seal. Here are some excerpts from the reviews.

“The fighting scenes are exciting and fast, getting readers’ adrenaline pumping early in the book. As the lead character, Lana has the qualities and flaws that make her easily relatable. Accompanied by a man named Silas to fulfill her mission, she meets a group of gypsy women, and readers will love this eclectic group of characters. Reforming them into knights of The Last Order, Lana has to make sure that her group survives their ordeals.

Caldwell successfully delivers a YA novel that is action-packed and substantial in terms of characterization. The story lives up to its thrilling premise. As an avid chess player, I love how the concept of the game is imprinted in the storytelling.” – Lit Amri for Readers’ Favorite

“The Last Order by Angela Caldwell is one of those stories which has a strong female character in the lead and it keeps readers riveted until the very end…An original plot with some strong characters that will keep readers glued to the book.” – Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite

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