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I didn’t grow up reading like many authors. I grew up on films. I loved movies and not just current films. I watched films from the black and white era, mysteries, musicals, and more. I made my parents rent the film The Labyrinth every time we went to the video store. (Some of you have never rented from one of those. They’ve become extinct.) Instead of reading stories, I was watching them. I learned about plot and character from film.

Even though I didn’t read much, I liked the idea of books. The first book I read, other than children’s books, was a Nancy Drew mystery. I sat in my room on a Saturday and read the whole book. After that, I didn’t read for a long while. But eventually C.S. Lewis and Frank Pertetti caught my attention with their stories. My lack of reading had to do with my endurance. I would lose my place on the page and daydream if I got bored.

To this day, I have difficulty finishing books if they don’t draw me in.

So how does a non-reader become an author?

There is no doubt I loved stories. I even earned a BA in video production, and became photographer as well. I’ve lived behind the camera for years.
But about 7 years ago, I stared reading young adult novels and I never quit. Over those years, I didn’t keep count of how many books I read. However, I read so much that it inspired me. And over two years ago, I started writing once again.(See my blog post: Why I stopped writing.)

Now, the girl who couldn’t focus long enough to read one book will release her first book The Last Order on Feb 3rd, 2015.

My biggest hope is not that people will love my book, although a few fangirls would be nice. Instead, I hope someone like me, who lost their passion for something they enjoyed, will find their way back and create something that surprises them.