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By Angela M. Caldwell

When I first started thinking about a book cover I knew I wanted it simple, elegant, and it had to have the symbol of The Last Order Silas designs for Lana in the book.

As a photographer, I knew I could shoot my own cover if I needed to, but in my heart I really wanted to leave Lana to the imagination of readers.

So I went to my dad and asked him to draw the symbol. After a week or so he finally came up with two options.

We went to lunch and you would have thought he was meeting a stranger not his daughter. He was so nervous, it was cute. I love my dad.








Both photos are original drawings and they are protected by copyright laws. ©rocketcircuspress

I decided on the crown above the triquetra. The triquetra knot is a Celtic symbol that can represent a few different things, but I chose it because of its connection to women and unity.

I loved the drawings and from there I moved forward and scoured the internet for stock photos. I searched for hours to find the right pictures.

I wanted the cover to have a leather look and feel, so I chose this background from www.dollarphotoclub.com.

Old brown leather background

Next, I found a wall with Ivy and removed the wall and kept the ivy, which was very tedious work. I used the ivy in several places by rotating it and flipping it. This also came from www.dollarphotoclub.com.

                                         Before                                               The Green Creeper Plant on the Wall.


The Green Creeper Plant on the Wall.


After that, I needed a way to emphasize the Last Order symbol, so I found this grey  splotch and placed it on the front and back, and used a blending layer.



Lastly, I placed the symbol where I wanted it and also used a blending layer. Then I added an inner glow, and bevel & emboss effects. You can still see the guides I used for the layout in this photo.



Next the title, and author name were added. I used 2 different fonts that gave it a Celtic feel. Then, to make the words pop off the page effects were added. Below is exactly what I had.

The Last Order by Angela Caldwell I knew it was missing something so I found the flowers and added them for the finishing touch. I was honestly surprised I pulled it off, but I was able to use my photography background to create a beautiful cover that I hope you love.


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 The Last Order

by Angela M Caldwell

Release date:  February 3rd, 2015

THE LAST ORDER - cover reveal