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what if
What if I never get published? What if I never get an agent? What if no one buys my book? What if someone hates my book and slanders me? What if all my twitter followers unfollow me, because they think the cover sucks? What if….?

Negativity is damaging to your creative juice, your muse, your mojo, whatever you choose to call it. And what ifs apply to more than writing. What ifs can really mess up your thinking.


Every successful writer I’ve chatted with has something in common. They never gave up. They pushed past the negative what ifs, and keep moving forward. One writer in particular now comes to mind. She wrote for 20 years before she landed an agent and a book deal.  She kept writing, because she loved it.

So what if, these things never happen. If you love writing, it won’t really matter. You will write because it’s your air, and without it there is no breath. So today change your what ifs.

What if they love my book, even though I’m an indie author? What if readers create fan art. What if readers demand more? What if that agent loves my next novel? What if my twitter followers stick by me during the ups and downs?  What if my story can help somebody else keep writing?
What if…?