Your first chance to vote is here. And it is a very important decision, the release date for the YA fantasy, THE LAST ORDER. I have chosen three dates and now you get to vote for the date the book will be released.

The release date will drive everything from editing deadlines to book cover reveals. So here are the dates I’ve selected for you to pick from and why. The poll is at the bottom of this post.


   Date one: March 24th 2015

This date is 2 days after my birthday, so for my birthday I can ask all those people who never know what to get me to buy my book. Easy  marketing? LOL









Date two: February 3rd 2015

This is, Joseph, my husband’s birthday. Joseph was the reason I started writing again. He believed I could do it despite my dyslexia. He told me it was my story and only I could write The Last Order. We’ve been together since we were 15 years old. We have four kids. He’s my best friend and I would not be where I am without him by my side. This date is pushing it, but I wanted to really consider it as an option.


Joseph and I, vow renewal








Date three: February 24th 2015

This is more of a random date, but one of my kids’ birthday is the day before. So this date would be dedicated to them. My kids inspire me. Their creativity and imagination blow my mind. They are my biggest fans. My son will pop in the office and be like “you’re writing, great job, Mom.” Or my daughter will say “are you still working on that same book.” I can’t wait for it to be in print so she can hold it in her hands.

@Angela Caldwell

One of my kids ©Angela Caldwell











These are the 3 dates you get to choose from, my heart is racing as I type this, now it’s your turn vote. Share with your book loving friends. The more voting the more fun it will be, and I will never forget publishing my first book. Voting is open for one week. Thank you for your vote.