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On my resource page, you’ll find, The Hero’s Journey, or monomyth, which was devised by Joseph Campbell. The Hero’s Journey suggests the idea that all great stories have the same characters. When I started reading THE YELLOW HOODS: Along Came a Wolf (Book 1): An Emergent Steampunk Series by fellow twitter writer, Adam Dreece, I realized within the first few chapters his characters fit within the Hero’s Journey archetypes.

THE SHADOW: Andre LeLoup
THE HERALD: You’re going to have to read the book to find out.
THE MENTOR:Nikolas Klaus
SHAPESHIFTER: There is one
TRICKSTERS:The Cochon Brothers
ALLIES:Tee’s friends

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I really enjoyed Adam’s book because he has a knack for storytelling, and he followed Joseph Campbell’s archetypes by instinct.


What book or movie do you love? Does it follow the Hero’s Journey? If you’re a writer does your current work in progress follow this model?
My favorite example of the Hero’s Journey is Happy Gilmore.
Here are some links that use this example.

The Hero’s Journey-Happy Glimore Prezi

The Hero’s Journey-You tube video featuring Happy Gilmore

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Book 1 – Along Came a Wolf at Amazon, Amazon.caKobo, Smashwords, The Yellow Hoods Store
Book 2 – Breadcrumb Trail at Amazon, Amazon.ca,  Kobo, Smashwords, The Yellow Hoods Store
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