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I’m going to become my own publisher. #indebooksbeseen After months of querying very few people, and waiting on decisions from full requests, I’ve decided to publish my debut YA fantasy novel on my terms. Well kind of, here comes the crazy, insane, ridiculous part.

I’m offering you, my followers and fans, some control over things. You’ll make use of your powers for good and vote on the release date, cover, and more. You now think I’m officially crazy. Welcome to the club.

one does not simmply publish on amazon2

I struggle making final decisions. I can’t choose favorites. But, you guys are very good at those things. And with your help, my book will be judged by the cover you choose! The fun will start next week with your very first choice-the release date.

I will choose 3 dates and give you reasons why I chose each date, and you will pick my release date by voting. Please follow this blog, my Twitter (I follow back awesomeness) , Goodreads or Facebook account to make sure you don’t miss out on voting.

And yes, I am officially hyperventilating. And want to thank you all, my writer friends, and avid readers who have already signed up to read a book that isn’t available. You guys remind me to be fearless everyday.