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What are the writing blues? I’m not sure. I just made it up. I wanted to address the blah I feel from time to time about my writing. You know when the passion and excitement seem to have disappeared and you don’t want to even open the story you’ve been working on? I’ve found out part of the problem. I’m not writing for me.




Maybe you’ve been querying and gotten a few rejections and it’s made you second guess yourself. Or maybe you’ve worked on a novel for over 2 years and you’ve become burnt out. Why is that? Art needs to be seen. Take my photography for example, I get the most joy when someone views a photo and it touches them. It makes all the hard work worth it.



But, with writing, it may be years before more than a few people read your manuscript. Writers want to be read. They write to share the stories, feelings, ideas, adventures, mysteries, and fears. 
What does this have to do with the writing blues? 

If no one’s reading your writing, that defeats your purpose, right? You wish to be read. And if you’re like me, you try to make people feel something or take them on an adventure. And if you’re constantly getting rejections to have agents or editors read your writing it’s like slowly taking all the air out of your balloon. Or for me it drains the passion from my soul.
How do you overcome the writing blues?


write for yourself quote

Write for you. Write what you love, a story that you can’t put down. Do not seek to follow trends or what’s popular. For me, that means I need to quit trying to please an imaginary person that may or may not read my work. However, what I need to do is make my story the best story possible. Sharing with trusted critique partners and beta readers to challenge me.


As for getting your work out there, develop a plan for your novel. Self-publishing is one option that many authors are considering. However, if you don’t want to self-publish you can join sites like Figment and share your work. Various writers on there will swap stories and give feedback. There are some really serious grammar people on there too, who are willing to contribute too. Figment is where I tested the first chapter of my novel. The feedback I received gave me the push needed to finish writing my the novel. Do not forget to be professional, no matter where you are talking and posting work. 

Have you ever had the writing blues? What do you think caused them and what changes can you make to protect your writing from joy thieves?